Minimalism: Books and Ebooks

Travel is one of the greatest gifts someone can give themselves. The second greatest gift is a book.

When I began decluttering, it was because of digital. For me, digital is the same great taste in a new form. I had read on a phone and tablet, and that experience was okay, better for comics than books, but it wasn’t the same. With the recent upgrades to e-readers, that’s when things finally changed.

I played with a Nook Glowlight Plus (a review of it I did!) and was hooked. No more weird screen flashes. Books were fast and responsive. My library traveled with me. Prices were far more affordable. It was all upside and no downside. Same with games. Which meant, the physical collection I amassed over the years became redundant.

By picking up over 350 ebooks on my Nook, I saved $9,000 from the physical versions.

Ebooks are affordable. On sale, their price ranges from $2 to $4 on average. A new hardcover is $30. So ebooks are a tenth of the price of physical, or physical books are ten times more expensive than ebooks. That $9,000 savings is because where I spent $1,000 on ebooks, it could have cost me $10,000 for the same collection.

That’s over the course of two years, and my reading habit is growing.

That also means the physical collection I sold on eBay paid for the ebooks I purchased. Sometimes when I sold a book, I would then buy the ebook version, and still have plenty left over.

I was doing all this before I knew minimalism was a thing. Ebooks were the catalyst. I still do have regular books in my library. Particularly titles that have no digital equivalent due to their age. There are a lot of books out there the publishers no longer have the rights to digitize, and some stuck in rights limbo. My library is smaller, and it’s also more personal.

I own over 350 ebooks on my Nook. Every day the emails with discounts come in, and I’m unphased. My collection rocks and I still have to read a lot of them. Most days I literally browse from my list and pick from there. We have five great ebook services: Apple, Google, Kindle, Kobo, Nook. Use whichever you prefer. I just like the Nook Glowlights a lot. Very comfortable e-readers.

Buy ebooks. Sell the collection. Get more for less. And remove the urge to buy more things with a strong digital library.