Minimalism: Games First!

Of all the objects I’ve gotten rid of, video games were the first. They have high resell value, they are each to ship, and their shipping costs are way down.

A friend told me I’m getting rid of them because I’m “maturing”. Not sure I agree with that statement.

I love video games. I hope I never stop. Books and movies are passive media. We sit, we watch, events transpire. The only active part of the process is criticism. Video games are inherently an active medium. What occurs depends entirely on inputs from the player.

From first person shooters to point and click adventures, a good game sweeps me like nobody’s business. The reason that I sold my game collection first is because that medium embraced digital in a big way.

Bloodrayne 2 for the PS2 sold for about $15. I picked up the digital version on Steam for $2. $2! So guess what, I took my profits and bought it again. I traded in the old version for the new. And to my surprise, physical games in good condition surprisingly hold their value.

A PSP game is bought for $20 on an Amazon flash sale sold for $45. A game I bought at Toys R Us in 2002 sold for $80. And I’ve mentioned on this blog in reviews, it’s $15 here, $20 there. It adds up.

A used book is $2, maybe $4 if the value is good. People buy DVDs, but not at the value video games still command. A lot of my good fortune has come from obscure games, actually, scratch that, because of obscure games. The more difficult it is to find, the better the value.

Listen team, it’s true. I don’t have the free time that I used to. Some days it’s impossible to sit down to play a 35 hour game. But in the same way it’s difficult to spend that time with games, it’s also difficult to spend that with Netflix original shows.

The major selling point to a digital collection, especially ebooks, is the ability to have as much as you want with no added space. Same for games. For less money, my collection is bigger than ever. And because all the games I sold kept their value, the collection was completely paid for with my PayPal account. With plenty to spare.

I believe digital minimalism is the no-brainer move forward.